Zoran Zivkovic’s digital English language rights to PS Publishing!

In a major deal, the digital English language rights to Zoran Zivkovic’s nine titles have been sold to PS Publishing for an autumn 2011 release: Impossible Stories, Twelve Collections & The Teashop, The Last Book, The Bridge, The Writer/The Book/The Reader, Impossible Stories II, Escher’s Loops, The Fourth Circle and The Ghostwriter. “The first seven already appeared as PS print editions,” says PS MD Pete Crowther, “and we’re delighted that Zoran has entrusted these last two titles to us.” Alongside the digital edition of The Ghostwriter, PS will bring out a limited hardcover edition, but there are no current plans for a print edition of The Fourth Circle. As Pete Crowther says, “The electronic edition will be the only game in town. Time to get off the fence and buy that reader!”