Breaking news from Portugal

Two more books by Zoran Zivkovic will be published in Portugal in 2012. The Lisabon based “Cavalo de Ferro” will bring out The Ghostwriter (in April) and Seven Touches of Music (in November). The same publisher already published The Library (two editions) and The Last Book (nearly sold out the first edition). The Ghostwriter will include an Afterword by Professor Michael Morrison, which will originally appear in the forthcoming UK edition (PS Publishing, December 2011).

PS Publishing updates

It has just been announced that agent John Jarrold has sold World English-language limited-edition rights for Zoran’s new novel The Ghostwriter to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing in the UK; the book is scheduled for publication in 2010. This is in addition to Impossible Stories 2 (another mega-collection that will gather together Compartments, Four Stories Till the End, and Amarcord), as well as the full-length novel Escher’s Loops, both of which will be published by PS later in 2009.

With these recent developments, I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on Zoran’s other titles at PS Publishing, both current and forthcoming.

The Writer, The Book, The Reader: collection, mid-2009 (forthcoming)

The Bridge: novella, early 2009 (now available!)

The Last Book: novel, March 2008

Twelve Collections and the Teashop: double-novella, June 2007

Impossible Stories: mega-collection, April 2006 (low stock, only 10 copies or less!)

PS UK English edition PS UK English edition
PS UK English edition PS UK English edition PS UK English edition

What this means is that as of 2010, with the only exceptions of The Fourth Circle and Hidden Camera, PS Publishing will have released all of Zoran’s fiction to date in English, either individually or collected in mega-collections, all of which are beautifully produced. This is quite a remarkable achievement, and something to be celebrated.

:-Jason Erik Lundberg, webmaster

The Last Book in German, and Review in Die Welt

I am delighted to let you know that the the German edition of my novel The Last Book recently appeared as a Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (DTV) edition.

DTV, one of the leading German publishers, brought out in February another novel of mine — Hidden Camera — that got numerous favorable reviews throughout German language area.

The first review of The Last Book — a very favorable one — appeared on October 25 in leading daily newspaper “Die Welt.” Here it is for those of you who, by a lucky coincidence, happen to be fluent in German…

Haben Sie noch eine kleine Buchhandlung um die Ecke? So eine, die nicht aussieht, als hätte sie sich aus dem Thalia-Katalog für Buchhandelseinrichtungen bedient und die neben Büchern nicht auch noch Schlabberkaffee und Kekse verkauft? So eine, die ein Geheimnis hat oder zwei, mit verschrobenen, aber liebenswerten Buchhändlerinnen, die jede Zeile von dem gelesen haben, was sie verkaufen? So eine, in der man einen Roman spielen lassen könnte? Zoran Zivkovic, der große serbische Postmoderne, hat so eine erfunden. Und sie ist nicht ungefährlich, für die Kunden nicht und nicht für die Leser von Zoran Zivkovics als “Thriller” angekündigten Romans.

Link to the full review.

Earlier this year, The Last Book was published in the UK (PS Publishing). In 2009 it will also appear in South Korea.

The Last Book in Korean

The Last Book UKThe South Korean language trade edition rights for my metafictional thriller The Last Book have been sold to the Seoul-based publisher ‘Eyes and Heart Press,’ for publication in 2009, through the Korea Copyright Center Inc.

Rights to The Last Book have already been sold in the UK, Germany and Croatia. In late 2008/early 2009, a seven-episode TV series based on the novel will be produced by the Serbian National Television (RTS).

The Library and Miss Tamara Acquired by Blodnjak

The Ljubljana-based publisher Blodnjak has acquired the Slovenian-language rights for two more of my books: The Library and Miss Tamara, The Reader. Blodnjak previously published my novels The Fourth Circle in 2006 and The Bridge in 2008, and has announced that they will continue bringing out my books to a Slovenian audience.

Publication of The Library and Miss Tamara, The Reader is expected in 2008/2009.

Escher’s Loops Sold to PS Publishing

I am very happy to announce that my agent, John Jarrold, has sold World English-language limited-edition rights of my new full-length novel Escher’s Loops to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing, for publication in 2009.

“The novel is subtle and fascinating,” said Jarrold. “It’s a true classic.”

Contact John Jarrold for further information, by e-mail at or by phone at 01522 510544.

New Novel: Escher’s Loops

I’ve completed a new novel, Escher’s Loops. At nearly 90,000 words, it is my second biggest prose book so far. The Serbian-language rights went to the Belgrade-based publisher Geopoetika.

Geopoetika acquired also the English-language rights for Escher’s Loops for the following territories: Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Both editions, Serbian and English, are due to appear in June.