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Kurodahan Press is honored to publish five books by Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic in English. These English-language editions will join our upcoming Japanese-language collection, helping to introduce this world-class writer more fully to the Japanese reader. The five books are:

The set will be published in a uniform edition of large-size paperbacks, available worldwide from distributors including Ingram (North America) and Bertrams (UK), as well as Espresso and Amazon worldwide.

In 2010 Kurodahan Press is publishing the first collection of Zoran Zivkovic’s stories in Japanese, offering three of his finest works in a single introductory volume for the Japanese audience: “The Fire,” “Hole in the Wall,” and “The Teashop.”

Kurodahan Press was established in 2003 as a publisher specializing in translated literature, with a strong commitment to the literature of East Asia. It has published numerous works of Japanese literature in English translation, and this year will begin publishing outstanding works from other languages in Japanese.
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