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It has just been announced that agent John Jarrold has sold World English-language limited-edition rights for Zoran’s new novel The Ghostwriter to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing in the UK; the book is scheduled for publication in 2010. This is in addition to Impossible Stories 2 (another mega-collection that will gather together Compartments, Four Stories Till the End, and Amarcord), as well as the full-length novel Escher’s Loops, both of which will be published by PS later in 2009.

With these recent developments, I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on Zoran’s other titles at PS Publishing, both current and forthcoming.

The Writer, The Book, The Reader: collection, mid-2009 (forthcoming)

The Bridge: novella, early 2009 (now available!)

The Last Book: novel, March 2008

Twelve Collections and the Teashop: double-novella, June 2007

Impossible Stories: mega-collection, April 2006 (low stock, only 10 copies or less!)

PS UK English edition PS UK English edition
PS UK English edition PS UK English edition PS UK English edition

What this means is that as of 2010, with the only exceptions of The Fourth Circle and Hidden Camera, PS Publishing will have released all of Zoran’s fiction to date in English, either individually or collected in mega-collections, all of which are beautifully produced. This is quite a remarkable achievement, and something to be celebrated.

:-Jason Erik Lundberg, webmaster

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