Hidden Camera reviewed in The New Yorker

I am pleased to announce that Hidden Camera has been reviewed for the December 26 issue of The New Yorker:

“This was only a hidden camera episode, after all; everything was under control, nothing bad could happen,” Zivkovic’s nameless narrator says, trying to soothe himself amid the spiralling surrealities of this mystery novel. After receiving an invitation to a movie screening, he finds himself next to an enigmatic woman, watching a film of the two of them sitting on a park bench. This is the first in an increasingly outlandish chain of events, as the narrator follows a trail of invitations across a darkened cityscape. His growing paranoia leads him to suppose that he is the victim of a hidden-camera prank for television, and he starts to behave as if his every action were being filmed. Zivkovic’s unexpected dénouement, however, gestures toward a far stranger, possibly mystical, cause.

Link to the full review.