Breaking news from Japan

This is just in from the Kurodahan Press:

We are honored to announce that agreement was reached today with renowned Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic to publish his uniquely fascinating stories in Japanese.

Acclaimed in nations around the world, his works have earned him literary recognition including the World Fantasy Award and a host of top-billed reviews in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Locus, Strange Horizons and Booklist, among others.

Kurodahan Press will be publishing this first collection of short stories in Japanese this fall as “The Teashop and other Impossible Stories” (provisional title), which will include three of his finest works:

“The Fire,” contained in Seven Touches of Music and other books

“Hole in the Wall,” contained in Steps Through the Mist and other books

“The Teashop,” contained in Fantasy: The Best of the Year 2008 and other books

The stories will be translated by SHIBATA Miyoko, and feature an introduction by Professor TATSUMI Takayuki of Keio University.