The Image Interpreter

Ten images, ten dreams… In the Paris Metro one Friday morning in November, a strange group of people converges on the same subway car: Anatole Mirouille, who finds it a perfect place to read; Marie-Louise Ponthieux, who is returning to Paris after an absence of fifty-eight years; Alain Rigoud, who is discovering the beauty of graveyards; Muriel Juillard, who encounters characters from her own works at one of the stations; Alexandre Leclair, who is taking his final selfie; Maryse Bouvet, who is suffering from a surfeit of memories; Arnaud Morin, who has finally calculated the sum of all numbers; Madeleine Prévost, who uncovers the meanings of various colored auras; Alfred Leroux-Vidal, a secret agent on the ropes. Among them lurks the inconspicuous Margot Verdier, who knows how to interpret images down to their most intimate depths. The depths where dreams are stored…


  • Zavod (Serbian, 2016)

Korica za Zorana