“The Teashop” to be reprinted in Year’s Best anthology

2008 Fantasy BotYMy novella “The Teashop” (originally published in English in Twelve Collections and The Teashop) will be included in the 2008 edition of Fantasy: The Best of the Year, an anthology edited by Rich Horton. The book, which selects the best tales of the fantastic published in 2007, is scheduled to appear in early 2008 from Prime Books.

The table of contents (courtesy of John Joseph Adams) is as follows:

  • Daryl Gregory, “Unpossible” (F&SF, October/November)
  • Kelly Link, “Light” (Tin House, Fall)
  • Zoran Zivkovic, “The Teashop”, (12 Collections and the Teashop)
  • Noreen Doyle, “The Rope” (Realms of Fantasy, April)
  • William Alexander, “Buttons”, (Zahir, Summer/07)
  • Holly Phillips, “Brother of the Moon”, (Fantasy)
  • Andy Duncan, “A Diorama of the Infernal Regions”, (Wizards)
  • Rachel Swirsky, “Heartstrung”, (Interzone, 6/07)
  • Carrie Laben, “Something in the Mermaid Way” (Clarkesworld, March)
  • Matthew Johnson, “Public Safety” (Asimov’s, 3/07)
  • Benjamin Rosenbaum and David Ackert, “Stray” (F&SF, December)
  • Marly Youmans, “The Comb” (Fantasy, December)
  • Garth Nix, “Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again” (Baen’s Universe, 4/07)
  • Karen Joy Fowler, “The Last Worders”, (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, 6/07)
  • Theodora Goss, “Singing of Mount Abora” (Logorrhea)
  • David Barr Kirtley, “Save Me Plz” (Realms of Fantasy, October)
  • Erik Amundsen, “Bufo Rex” (Weird Tales)
  • Ian R. MacLeod, “The Master Miller’s Tale” (F&SF, May)