Introduction to the New Website

It is friends that make life beautiful.

If it weren’t for the magnanimous assistance of my dear friend Jason Erik Lundberg, I would still have a hopelessly old-fashioned website.

It all started rather innocently. Jason emailed me recently, suggesting a digital step forward. His email address is included in my mailing list and I used to send him (as well as many other friends of mine) every now and then various items regarding my fiction writing: news, reviews, interviews.

Jason concluded, quite rightfully, that these were basically like blog entries in email form. So, why not do it properly: start a blog.


Epic India reviews The Last Book

The Last Book - PolarisPushpak Karnick at Epic India has reviewed The Last Book:

“At a time when the market seems to be flooded daily with paperbacks that run along the alphabet, exhort the cliché, revel in presenting a stereotypical ‘Yuppie’ outlook, and (to say the least) fondly follow a long-forgotten dogma that the center of the Universe lies in the Central Park; here comes a novella that makes a detour in time and style, that sparkles with effervescent originality and acerbic (yet heartwarming) wit that can only be found on the other side of the Atlantic.”

Link to the full review.