Schreib-Lust on Hidden Camera

Hidden CameraJulia Gaß at German site Schreib-Lust reviews Hidden Camera:

Es geht um Liebe und Tod, die dem Helden immer wieder in Gestalt von Frauen in verschiedenen Altersstufen vor Augen geführt werden. Wie im Zeitraffer eines Films durchwandert der Bestattungsunternehmer sein Leben bzw. das, was sein Leben sein könnte.

Der Roman ist eine Parabel über das Leben und liest sich eher noch wie das Drehbuch zu einem Film, in dem es auch um Fremdbestimmung und die Absurdität des Alltags und von Fernsehsendungen geht. Skurril, aber spannend und höchst vergnüglich zu lesen.

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Echoes of an Empty Mind on Steps Through the Mist

Steps Through the MistPushpak Karnick at Echoes of an Empty Mind reviews Steps Through the Mist:

As the novel glides from one dream to the next connected dream, we realize that the story is not just about dreams or fateful connections. A much darker (depending on how you look at it) subplot runs through the entire novel, focusing on a much drearier topic than idle dreams – Death. Zivkovic seems to suggest that death is also a dream (or waking up from a lifetime of dreaming?). Fate-Death-Life seem to be three forces that work as One. Death acts as the cause de transformation, turning animate into inanimate, and then something beyond. It need not be the end of life, it could also be the end of life-as-we-know-it, a process of rebirth that needs but the unfurling of wings, and flight into the heart of the Mist.

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Escher’s Loops Sold to PS Publishing

I am very happy to announce that my agent, John Jarrold, has sold World English-language limited-edition rights of my new full-length novel Escher’s Loops to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing, for publication in 2009.

“The novel is subtle and fascinating,” said Jarrold. “It’s a true classic.”

Contact John Jarrold for further information, by e-mail at or by phone at 01522 510544.

Extracts from Escher’s Loops

Geopoetika will be releasing my new novel, Escher’s Loops, in both Serbian and English in late June. However, my Serbian-reading audience can get a preview before publication (apologies to my English-reading audience, who will have to remain patient for a bit longer). Glossy magazine Fame has extracted two chapters from “The Fourth Loop,” and I provide the PDFs for those chapters below. Please enjoy.

Chapter 2 of “The Fourth Loop,” (PDF) from Fame #4, February 2008.

Chapter 3 of “The Fourth Loop,” (PDF) from Fame #5, March 2008.

Aio News Notification

My American publisher, Aio Publishing, recently posted the following notification on their website:

Note (February 14, 2008): We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are not accepting submissions right now. We’ll post any changes to this on this page as soon as we’re aware of them. For the time being, we’re focusing our exclusive attention on publishing the work of Zoran Zivkovic. Thank you for your understanding!

Aio Publishing US edition Aio Publishing US edition Aio Publishing US edition

Which is very flattering news indeed!