Blesok review of Escher’s Loops

Escher's LoopsMy latest book, Escher’s Loops, has been reviewed in the Macedonian-based Blesok:

The four large threads are woven on more than three hundred pages, each with its own characters who, not by accident, are characters from the previous thread, characters and events that had been mentioned and are interconnected. In the first thread the connection is via an unusual memory, so where one starts, the second continues, the latter being part of the third and so on until it comes back to the first one, and in the second there is telling of stories which are also connected, each story being a story within a story, and so on until the next thread. The third thread is directly connected with suicides, more specifically the stories on suicides and the old lady in green, who, together with the gentleman in white would be the key to resolving the riddle, which would be hinted in the fourth thread, fully led by dreams. Taking into consideration all of these four elements – memory, stories, suicides, dreams, and the characters of the lady in green and the gentleman in white, we have the opportunity to only start the weaving, because somewhere at the end of the novel Zoran Živković returns us to the beginning again, without giving us the chance to make sure if we had undid ourselves in the proper way or not. Or maybe it does not matter how and if we had undid. Maybe it is more important to accept the game, and similarly to Escher’s graphics, one thread leads to another, and the latter leads to a new and unknown one.

Link to the full review.

Escher’s Loops Now Available

I am delighted to announce that my new novel, Escher’s Loops (click for excerpt), has just recently been released. Belgrade-based publisher Geopoetika has published the book both in Serbian and in English. As stated here, an English edition is also forthcoming from PS Publishing.

Once again Zivkovic demonstrates the sheer power of storytelling in this complex cycle of interlocking narratives. Like one of Escher’s drawings, the narrative threads lead one through a dizzying labyrinth of recurring themes, images and characters, all of whom are linked with elegant mathematical precision: God and suicide, food and poison, monks, athletes, soldiers and soccer players all take their places in the circle-dance. Absurdity, surreality and humour abound; death is the ultimate destiny, yet always the next story offers infinite ways of escape.

Geopoetika Serbian edition Geopoetika English edition

Please click each image to enlarge and reveal the full dustjacket.

Escher’s Loops Reading in Budva

For my Serbian and Montenegrin readers:

I will be giving a literary reading next month to celebrate the release of my new novel Escher’s Loops (this is the Geopoetika edition; the PS Publishing edition will be out in 2009). The reading will take place on 12 July 2008, at Poets’ Square in the ancient Montenegrin city of Budva, the same city where last year I was presented with the Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa Award for lifetime achievement in literature.

If you have a Facebook account, please do visit the event page for the reading, and be so kind as to RSVP. Also, feel free to spread the news!

Escher’s Loops Sold to PS Publishing

I am very happy to announce that my agent, John Jarrold, has sold World English-language limited-edition rights of my new full-length novel Escher’s Loops to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing, for publication in 2009.

“The novel is subtle and fascinating,” said Jarrold. “It’s a true classic.”

Contact John Jarrold for further information, by e-mail at or by phone at 01522 510544.

Extracts from Escher’s Loops

Geopoetika will be releasing my new novel, Escher’s Loops, in both Serbian and English in late June. However, my Serbian-reading audience can get a preview before publication (apologies to my English-reading audience, who will have to remain patient for a bit longer). Glossy magazine Fame has extracted two chapters from “The Fourth Loop,” and I provide the PDFs for those chapters below. Please enjoy.

Chapter 2 of “The Fourth Loop,” (PDF) from Fame #4, February 2008.

Chapter 3 of “The Fourth Loop,” (PDF) from Fame #5, March 2008.

New Novel: Escher’s Loops

I’ve completed a new novel, Escher’s Loops. At nearly 90,000 words, it is my second biggest prose book so far. The Serbian-language rights went to the Belgrade-based publisher Geopoetika.

Geopoetika acquired also the English-language rights for Escher’s Loops for the following territories: Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Both editions, Serbian and English, are due to appear in June.