New reviews roundup

Reviews for several of Zoran’s books have been rolling in over the past two months. Apologies for the lack of updates; my day job as a schoolteacher took over my life for a while. Postings should be more regular from now on. –JEL, webmaster

The Last Book:
FOCUS Online (German)
Funkhaus Europa (German)*
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss)
Main-Echo (German)
Die Rheinpfalz (German)
Nahaufnahmen (German)
Nordwest Zeitung (German)

The Writer / The Book / The Reader:
Bibliophile Stalker
Público (Spanish)

The Bridge:
Bibliophile Stalker

Escher’s Loops and The Ghostwriter:
SF Site

Seven Touches of Music:
Acrisalves (Portuguese)

The Fourth Circle:
Acrisalves (Portuguese)

Hidden Camera:
Reading the Leaves

* This review mistakenly identifies the author as the former Prime Minister of Serbia, who has the same name. As Zoran says, “Sooner or later, it was bound to happen.”

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